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Trip to Gogland Island

Viewing archaeological finds during a trip to the Gogland 2013 RGS student archaeological field camp.

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Vladimir Putin visited Gogland Island in the Gulf of Finland, where he looked over a number of projects the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) is carrying out.

The President attended a presentation of RGS’ Russia’s Marine Glory project and its deep-water research programme.

The main goal behind these projects is to study and preserve Russia’s marine cultural and historical heritage and spread knowledge about Russian naval history.

The President also looked over the results of an expedition to study the Baltic Fleet frigate Oleg, a sailing ship that sank in 1869. 

Russian explorers discovered the wreck in 2003, and this year, scientists received an RGS grant to study and investigate the ship.

The President visited the wreck’s site in a submersible craft and later shared his impressions with journalists.

Later, Mr Putin visited an RGS student archaeological field camp, where he talked with participants in the Gogland 2013 expedition, a joint project between the Russian Geographical Society and the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for the History of Material Culture.

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